Rhonda Cain

Director, Aroona
  • I have been in the Early Childhood Industry for over 22 years working across a variety of services including Long Day Care, Kindergarten, Nannying Services and Foster Care.

    All of these services have provided me with new skills, ongoing knowledge and different perspectives that I bring to my role At Bella Grace as the Director and Educational Leader.

    Throughout my career the one thing that hasn’t changed is my dedication and passion to support children and families.  I believe that parents are a child’s first teacher and through collaborative approaches and building positive relationships, children have the best possible outcomes.

    I teach based on an emergent / play-based curriculum where children guide the program through their interests in a nurturing environment that is comfortable, stimulating and engaging. Guided by  their Educators practices and supportive scaffolding which fosters development of each child socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically beyond their capacity.

    I am passionate about children feeling safe, secure and fully supported using the Circle of Security where children have permanent and consistent adults who care for them and nurture children to promote self-expression, interaction and creativity. 

     The fabulous and friendly staff, vibrant children and wonderfully supportive families make Bella Grace Aroona a wonderful community to be a part of.

    Please feel free to come in for a chat and discuss your family’s needs with me, I look forward to meeting you and your children soon.