About Bella Grace

  • Our Mission

    To provide a higher level of education and care for the children of our community.

  • Our Philosophy

    Our philosophy reflects a belief that children learn best when they feel valued, connected and secure. We nurture children through love and respect.

    We are committed to excellence, and understand the need for a child centred approach that enables collaboration and partnership to provide an optimal care environment to ensure meeting the needs and interests of our children and families.

    Our experienced and passionate educators are dedicated to facilitating the growth and well-being of our children through immersion in a stimulating, enriched learning program.

  • Our Values

    environment  Wellbeing  Learning-through-play  Reltionships  intentional-teaching 

  • Our Vision

    To provide opportunities that enable children to learn meaningfully through play.

    To develop a supportive learning community that works in collaboration and partnership to promote children’s optimal development in all areas.

    To provide a rich play-based learning environment that stimulates imagination, creativity, investigation and a life-long love of learning.

    To intentionally facilitate learning experiences that encourage and extend learning and development, curiosity and wonder.

    To holistically nurture and support children’s growth and individual progress at their own developmental pace.