Anne Tietzel

2020 Brightwater School Kindergarten Teacher

Hi, my name is Anne Tietzel and I am the teacher/director at Bella Grace Brightwater School Kindergarten. I have 38 years’ experience in early childhood education and care and hold a Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood Education) and a Bachelor Education (Inservice).

I began my career in Western Australia teaching pre-primary (prep year). I moved to Queensland in 1990 and have been a Director/Teacher in long day care and kindergartens since that time. I have also taught prep on the Sunshine Coast, lectured in early childhood education at TAFE and university levels and worked in the Department of Communities, Office for Children. My career highlights have included contributing to national early year’s strategies and reforms as well as developing Queensland wide early intervention and prevention projects. I am currently completing post graduate qualifications in education and play therapies.

I believe that children are capable, competent, curious and independent learners. I encourage children to wonder, look, investigate, play and learn through active investigations in the natural and built environments in which they live. My role is to co-construct learning and design environments with children by listening to their voices, nurturing their growing sense of self, and valuing their contributions to the world. I am responsive to child-led, child-initiated, child-focussed inquiries and empower children to explore, investigate, wonder, discover and create in all areas of our environment. By observing and listing to the voices of children we nurture their ‘right’ to play, learn, grow in a space that fosters “Being Belonging and Becoming’.
I support families’ wishes, hopes and beliefs for their child and encourage them to participate in our daily events. I believe in sharing my professional knowledge with staff, children, and families. At all times, I strive to create a nurturing, respectful, responsive, supportive, and safe kindergarten community.

The Bella Grace Brightwater School Kindergarten opened in March 2014. Since it’s opening we have created a dynamic, welcoming space that embraces each child and their families’ needs. Our kindergarten offers simultaneous high quality indoor outdoor play areas that are a haven for children to explore.The children learn through discovery, with caring and enthusiastic educators closely supporting their learning.